Chrisland School: She was not raped. Whizkid’s Babymama revealed the truth.


Whizkid’s babymama, Shola Ogunro, who gave an account of her experience on the trip to Dubai by students of Chrisland Schools, Lagos, said she accompanied her son, Tife, a student of the school on the trip, adding that it appeared that a clique of students from the school deliberately engaged in nasty activities.

She wrote: “I accompanied my son to represent his school at the just concluded WSG, and I can say for a fact that the 10-year-old in question was not raped.”

I remember vividly the shock on my son’s face when he was telling me about a video some other kid was watching, he said Mum, I couldn’t stand the video I had to excuse myself, he said the gist circulating was that the girl and her clique played a game of truth or dare, of which this particular girl couldn’t stop with the mind bugging dares.

I couldn’t believe my ears when I learned about the nasty activities these little kids get themselves involved in.

“The students were in a hotel where other schools also stayed, and they made sure the boys’ room was on the 10th floor and the girls’ room was on the 2nd floor.

The teachers did their parade 3-5 times daily, making sure they were all in their rooms.

There were over 70 kids and 5–6 teachers (these teachers went through hell trying to get them together). “




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