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Tragic Suicide of an 80-Year-Old Man in Lagos



Tragic Suicide of an 80-Year-Old Man in Lagos
Wema Bank Alat

Tragic Suicide of an 80-Year-Old Man in Lagos




The Police Command in Lagos State has confirmed the sad death of an 80-year-old man who allegedly committed suicide in the Imota area of the state, marking a troubling turn of events.



SP Benjamin Hundeyin, the command’s public relations officer, confirmed the incident to NAN on Friday.



Hundeyin disclosed that the landlord of the deceased, a person named Mustapha, alerted the Imota Police Division about the death at approximately 12:26 am on Friday.



Mustapha recounted that at around 7:30 pm on Thursday, while at his residence on Watchtower Street, Araromi, in Imota, he heard the deceased’s children screaming and urging him to come to the kitchen.



Upon rushing to the kitchen, Mustapha was confronted with the heartbreaking sight of his tenant, Isiaka Ayinde, an 80-year-old man, hanging lifeless from a rope fastened to the burglary railing of a kitchen window.



“DCB employees from the Imota Division have examined the scene and taken pictures.



“Although the deceased’s family has expressed a desire not to take the body to the mortuary, opting instead to bury the corpse immediately due to age and religious beliefs,” Hundeyin stated.



This tragic incident serves as a sobering reminder of the mental health challenges faced by individuals, especially the elderly, and the importance of offering support and resources to those in need.



As we reflect on this heartbreaking event, it is crucial to raise awareness about mental health issues and encourage open conversations within communities to prevent such tragic outcomes in the future.



Our thoughts are with the family and loved ones of the deceased during this difficult time. May we strive to create a society where individuals feel supported and valued and where mental health is treated with the seriousness and compassion it deserves.



Let this unfortunate incident serve as a call to action for greater awareness and support for mental well-being within our communities.



We must work together to create a more empathetic and understanding environment where individuals in distress feel comfortable seeking help and where tragedies like this can be prevented.



In memory of Isiaka Ayinde, may his soul rest in peace.

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