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Usifo Ataga’s Family to Nigerians: Please do not Make our Situation Worse.



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Usifo Ataga’s Family to Nigerians: Please do not Make our Situation Worse.


NewsReport June 28, 2021



The family of Usifo Ataga, the CEO of Super TV, who was allegedly murdered by a 300-level University of Lagos (UNILAG) student, has spoken out about the matter.


NewsReport gathered that the suspect in his death, Chidinma Ojukwu, was paraded by the Lagos State Police Command on Friday.


The student had confessed to killing Ataga while under the influence of narcotics.


She further stated that before she stabbed him to death, the deceased tried to force her to have sex with him.


Following her interview during the procession, many posts and stories began to circulate on social media.


The vast majority of those who responded insulted the Ataga family, particularly his wife, rather than sympathizing with them in the aftermath of the unfortunate tragedy.


In a statement, the family requested privacy and asked anyone with relevant information to contact the authorities.


“The facts are as follows. Unknown individuals brutally murdered our darling son, Usifo Ataga, a little more than a week ago. They ruthlessly ended his life, with no concern for him or his family, who adore him.”


“His children will grow up reading cruel, foolish statements from thousands of people who have joined the lynching party in the press and on the internet. “Our old parents must now struggle to pick up the pieces amid a cacophony of disinformation spread by strangers,” said a statement signed by Dr. Isi Ataga.


The Ataga family congratulated the police for apprehending the culprit but expressed concern that many questions remained unanswered.


The family urged the public not to make it harder for cops to conduct their jobs.


“A suspect has been arrested and paraded before the press. We, the Ataga Family, are grateful to the Nigerian Police for pursuing this investigation. However, like you, we have many unanswered questions. Some things don’t add up.”


“If you have any information, don’t hide behind online posts. Instead, come forward and share it with the Police.


“Here’s what we do know. The more you add to the false information in the press and on social media, the harder it is for the Nigerian Police to do their work and fully solve this case. The harder it is for a grieving family to recover from the loss of their beloved son.


“We ask, sincerely, that you let us grieve this terrible loss with some privacy. This past week and a half have been the worst period of our lives,” the statement read.



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