Residents of Owo Retaliate by Attacking Northerners.

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Residents in Ondo State’s Ogwatoghose and Ikare regions attacked Northerners on Sunday in reprisal for a gunman attack on St. Francis Catholic Church in Owa-luwa Street, in the state’s Owo Local Government Area NewsReport gathered.


During the celebration of Pentecost Sunday, members of the church were attacked by terrorists who were said to be of Northern descent.


Terrorists shot and killed many members of the congregation. Many women and children were killed in the attack, according to one of the videos obtained by SaharaReporters.
The chief described the attackers as miscreants and hapless individuals who only used the opportunity to loot.


He said, ”There is a place where the Hausas buy and sell aluminium and iron material. They were beaten and their goods were destroyed. It happened at Ogwatoghose (Owatowse) Street.


“Opportunities to loot were not ruled out. The same attack happened at the Ikare junction area as well. ”Some of the attackers are miscreants. To me, these are hapless people fending for themselves.”




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