Peter Obi, the presidential candidate of the Labour Party (LP), has explained why he did not notify Atiku Abubakar before leaving the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP).

He didn’t want Atiku or anybody else, even his family members, to talk him out of his decision, he said.

News Report that Obi went on to say that his choice to leave the PDP had no effect on his friendship with Atiku, who he regards as a big brother.

“I did not even tell my family. I did not want anyone to talk me out of it,” the former governor explained on Monday during his interview appearance on Channels TV.

He added that , “Vice President Atiku remains my respected elder brother, and what he has said is true. When I left the PDP I did not tell him and other respected persons in my life including my family.

“There is a time in your life that you take a decision which you consider appropriate for your own future.”

Obi added that he believes he made the right decision to seek another platform to actualize his presidential ambition, stating that he believes Atiku understands why he took such a step.

He reiterated that he would rather do the right thing and fail than do the wrong thing and succeed.




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