Nigerians will have to pay extra for bread since bakers in several states have declared price rises to compensate high production expenses.

News Reports that after weeks of strike, Kogi Master Bakers said on Sunday that they would resume production but raise prices.

The group had joined a nationwide strike called by the national body to demand that the government intervene in the prices of raw materials used in manufacturing.

“Although the Federal Government is yet to respond to our pleas and demands, we are satisfied that we have, at least, sent a message, hoping for a positive result,” Gabriel Bamidele-Adeniyi, Chairman, Association of Master Bakers and Caterers of Nigeria, Kogi chapter, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

Bamidele-Adeniyi said: “Unfortunately, as we resume production, prices of bread will definitely increase by 20 per cent. A loaf of N200 will cost between N240 and N250; that of N500 will cost N600; that of N600 will cost N750; N700 will cost N880 and that of N800 will sell for between N980 and N1,000.

“We want the public to know that the new increment is not our making but that of the increase in the prices of commodities we use in production.

“We want the government to see to it that prices of yeast, sugar and flour being imported are drastically reduced. Only three companies have the licence to import them. Unfortunately, these three firms are monopolising the prices of sugar, yeast and flour to the detriment of bakers in Nigeria.”

In Cross River, a leader of the bakers’ group, Thomas Odey, in an interview with NAN, said although they did not join the national body in the two-week withdrawal of service, they have resolved to increase prices.

But the Director of Canaan Delight Bakery Nigeria Limited said withdrawal of service was not good, as a lot of average Nigerians would suffer because bread is a staple commodity.




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