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JUST IN: Peter Obi’s Response to Corruption Allegations within Labour Party



JUST IN: Peter Obi's Response to Corruption Allegations within Labour Party
Wema Bank Alat

JUST IN: Peter Obi’s Response to Corruption Allegations within Labour Party




NewsReport gathered that the Presidential Candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, has taken a firm stance on the allegations of financial impropriety swirling around the party’s chairman, Julius Abure. The accusations were brought to light by the national treasurer, Oluchi Opara, prompting Obi to address the issue at a media briefing held on Thursday, February 15.



During the briefing, Obi emphasized the importance of transparency and accountability within the party by announcing the commencement of an audit into the party’s finances concerning the 2023 Obi-Datti Presidential campaign organization’s funding. He highlighted the timeline of events, explaining that the party had been preoccupied with post-election litigation until November, which was followed by preparations for the audit starting in December.



Obi’s proactive approach to addressing the allegations was underscored by his assertion that the party is now in the process of conducting a thorough examination of its financial records within the first quarter of 2024. He expressed a commitment to ensuring that all funds are meticulously accounted for, setting a precedent for responsible financial management within Nigerian political parties.



Aisha Yesufu, the chairperson of the fundraising team for the campaign organization, also spoke at the press event, shedding light on the financial intricacies of the campaign. She disclosed that over N744,500,000 was expended on court cases following the 2023 presidential election, while donations totaling N595,976,994 were received from supporters.



Yesufu reiterated the importance of transparency and pledged to provide a detailed breakdown of how the donated funds were utilized. She emphasized the strategic approach taken by the campaign organization, which involved supporting numerous grassroots groups across Nigeria and leveraging various media platforms to reach a wide audience.



The overarching message conveyed by Obi and Yesufu is one of accountability, integrity, and a commitment to upholding ethical standards in political fundraising and expenditure. By proactively addressing the allegations and initiating a financial audit, the Labour Party, under Peter Obi’s leadership, is setting a positive example for political parties in Nigeria and beyond.



“So, out of these things, campaign materials worth N258,374,330.00 were procured and distributed across the 36 states and also in Abuja. Media and radio broadcasting were at the cost of N16,432,867.00.



“For the election promotion expenses, we had N10,808,948.00. For polling unit agents, we spent N324,381,700.00. And then, of course, we had bank charges of N1,750,544.00.



“We also had administrative charges of N477,000.00. We deployed N744,500,000.00 to cover legal expenses. And then, in campaign and election activities, we had over N28,500,000.00. On the issue of legal fees, remember what I said earlier: We had N800,000,000.00 that the candidate himself brought,” Yesufu added.



In conclusion, the call for transparency and the commitment to thorough financial scrutiny serve as a testament to the values of good governance and responsible leadership that are essential for building trust with the public and fostering a culture of accountability within political organizations.



Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story as the Labour Party continues its journey towards ensuring financial probity and upholding the principles of integrity in political affairs.


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