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The Deceit, Envy, Greed and Wickedness in our Region must stop, Southerners.



Wema Bank Alat

The Deceit, Envy, Greed and Wickedness in our Region must stop, Southerners.


NewsReport Nigeria March 1, 2021



This is the way the Southerners leaders pull down their feature leaders and kneel on the neck of the rising stars, while in the North, they identify, promote and support their best to grow, which I said explains the reason why northerners dominates and will continue to dominate every facet of the Nigerian society.


NewsReport Nigeria gathered the story of the Bawa brothers, Hon. Bawa Hayatuddeen (38) and Bawa Abdulrasheed (40) from Jega Local Government Area of Kebbi State is a good case study.


I was opportuned to meet Bawa Abdulrasheed, the newly appointed EFCC boss when he was the Zonal Head of the Commission in Port-Harcourt. I was in one of the offices when he walked in. He engaged my client in a conversation, but my client thought he was one of the junior officers in the Commission and didn’t know that Bawa was the person that would grant or refuse him bail. After he left, one of the Investigating officers told us, that the man who just left was their Zonal head. I was speechless. Then he was in his 30s, but looked like somebody who was in his 20s. One of the officers told me that Bawa will one day head the Commission. That same day, I saw another young chap who should not be above 23, but command so much respect from his colleagues because Bawa was his mentor. I was told that they were preparing the youngman to head one of the departments.(Mentorship)


Abdulrasheed Bawa graduated from the Usman Danfodio University, Sokoto, with a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics (Second Class Upper) in 2001. He joined the EFCC as an Assistant Detective Superintendent (ADS) in 2004. He is one of the pioneer EFCC cadet officers, Course One of 2005.


Bawa had a steady rise in his career from Assistant Detective Superintendent (2004) to Deputy Detective Superintendent (2007), Senior Detective Superintendent (2010), Principal Detective Superintendent (2013) and Deputy Chief Detective Superindent (2016).


He was also at various times Head, Advance Fee Fraud Section Team L (the first EFCC Regular Detective to be appointed a Team Head), Abuja Zonal Office; Head, Counter Terrorism and General Investigation/Pension Unit, Lagos Zonal Office; Zonal Head, Ibadan Zonal Office (comprising Oyo, Osun,Ekiti, Ondo and Kwara States); Zonal Head, Port Harcourt Zonal Office (comprising Rivers, Bayelsa, Abia States); and Head, Capacity Development Division EFCC Academy, Abuja, a position he held until his appointment as EFCC chair.


Can you see his progression. What about his younger brother, Hon. Bawa Hayatuddeen who is 38 years old and a Commissioner in Kebbi State.


I can authoritatively tell you that there are a million and one Bawa’s in the North, whom have been groomed to take over leadership at anytime. But in the South, our leaders are grooming dumb and dull sycophants who at 50 years old will still be running errands for them and their girlfriends.


If the Bawa brothers were to be from the South, they will be struggling to be Media Aides.


The deceit, envy, greed and wickedness in our region must stop, otherwise we will go no where. We must help our youths to grow. We must avail them with all the requisite opportunities to gather enough experience that will make them eminently qualified to compete with their contemporaries anywhere in the world.


I have been a victim and still a victim. I know how frustrating it is to grow in the South. It cut across everything that has to do with the South.


If we don’t start investing in our youths and promoting them, then we should not be talking about any future in the South.


“Credit M.O Omonade, Esq.”

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