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“I work for the Government; I work for APC.” Portable Rebuffs Police Arrest



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“I work for the government; I work for APC.” Portable rebuffs police arrest

Habeeb Okikiola, the controversial singer better known as Portable, has resisted arrest by the police in Ogun State.


In now-viral footage, the singer is seen lamenting that “Yahoo boy sent the police to arrest me.”

NewsReport indicated that Portable argued that the arrest was “unwarranted,” adding that he makes his money “legitimately.”

The 29-year-old also referred to himself as “a federal government liability.”

“Police are our friends, but these ones here are not our friends. Yahoo Boy said they should come and arrest me,” he said.

“If you want to invite me to your station, you will invite me with money. Are the police and Yahoo boys now working together? I spend legitimate money, and I don’t do Yahoo.

“Am I a Yahoo boy? Why did you come to my office to arrest people? What did I do? You came to my bar, and everyone is running.

“Call me and I will come to your offices, or my manager will come. I’m a superstar; I’m a celebrity. Show me your ID card.

“You’re talking about federal government liability. I work for the government; I work for APC. I work for Tinubu. We’re the ones controlling Nigeria now. I won’t take this.”

In another video, a police officer told the singer that a complaint had been filed against him.


“There’s a complaint against you; there’s a petition against you. How can we scatter your bar? Are you above the law? You can’t give us orders,” the police said.

Also speaking on the arrest, Abimbola Oyeyemi, the state police spokesperson, told the BBC that Portable was asked to report himself to the police on several occasions, but he refused to honour the invitation.

Abimbola said the invitation was on the back of a report against him.


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