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Late Alaafin’s Wives Show Off New Houses Barely Two Months After His Death

Late Alaafin’s Wives Show Off New Houses Barely Two Months After His Death



Wema Bank Alat

Late Alaafin’s Wives Show Off New Houses Barely Two Months After His Death


The wives of the late Alaafin of Oyo, Oba Lamidi Adeyemi, Queen Opeyemi Omobola and Abbey, have turned to social media to show off their new homes.


Before his death in April 2022, the regal king gave the two houses to his wives.

Queen Abbey expressed her gratitude to her late husband for presenting her a worthy house by posting images of it on her Instagram feed.

She also prayed that her late husband would continue to find peace.

She wrote: “Everyday, i wake up to the immense thought of my husband and his impactful life on me before his demise, i give gratitude to Allah.”

“This is one of the numerous gifts His Imperial Majesty Iku Baba Yeye gifted me. A gift of a befitting house was least expected, but my late husband made it happen.”

“Once again, my appreciation knows no limit. Even in eternity, my love for you is limitless. May you find peace wherever your soul is, my dear husband.”

Also on her Instagram page, Opeyemi Omobola said it’s difficult to describe how much the late monarch’s support means to her and her children.

She also expressed appreciation to her late husband for everything he had done for her and for gifting her the new house.

She wrote: “It is difficult to describe just how much your gesture of support in our time of need means to us. To have a reminder from the people that care for us that we are not alone in our grief is immeasurable.”

“This has reminded me a day I breezed into your kingdom as a nobody not knowing lot of good things is attainable when a woman finally found her missing ribs. You’ve made me a noble person when you was alive and you even planned a notable gift that every living and meaningful soul always prays to owns, which is a house, and this is not just a house but a mini Paris located in Africa Continent.”

“This is my heartfelt appreciation for everything you have done for me. Continue to Rest on ATANDA!!! The house you gave to me is the Happiness but as you’re no more alive to keep on rest on your shoulders it a tragic to me.”

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