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See the Nigerian 7 Clerics who have Join the Lord in the Last 6 Months (Pictures)



Wema Bank Alat

See the Nigerian 7 Clerics who have Join the Lord in the Last 6 Months (Pictures)


NewsReport June 7, 2021



Death at everybody’s door is an unpleasant visitor. May they sleep until the day of the resurrection


Apostolic Church of Spirit & Life Bible Church, Ap. Eunice Osagiede died in December. It has a big influence in Edo State in the church she started in the 1990s.


In February, Moses Grandeur, our smiling Bishop, died VIFA WorldWide.


In May, Monsignor Caleb Anny Maduoma, Archbishop of the Church of Owerri, slept and didn’t wake up Anglican Communion in May.


Pastor Osueke’s General Supreme Assemblies of God Church slept in May without waking up.


In May, Pastor Dare Adeboye slept and did not wake up, the third boy of Pastor E. Adeboye


Pastor Abina, son of the general supervisor of the International The Gospel Faith Mission, slept in May and did not wake up Dr. Elijah Dr. Abina.


Joshua left the sinful world with the Lord in June.


“For we know that we have a house from God, a holiday not manmade, forever in the heavens if the earthly tent which is our house is thrown down.” (2 Cor. 5:1) (1).


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