Reno Omokri- A KNOWN DRUG LORD cannot be Nigeria’s President


APC flagbearer Ahmed Bola Tinubu has been tackled by Reno Omokri to go and do a drug test.

A little while after Reno Omokri apologized on social media to Tinubu about his health, he wrote, “I have been guilty of using Bola Tinubu’s health status against him and I have come to realise that if we do not die early, we will all age and may suffer ill health.”

Rino Omokri asked Tinube to charge him if he was not involved in drugs.


I challenge @officialABAT Ahmed Bola Tinubu if you were not involved in a heroin drug ring in the United States in 1991-1993, then take me to court. Nigeria cannot have a KNOWN DRUG LORD as her President. God forbid. I also challenge Tinubu to take a drug test with @NDLEA_Nigeria
A man, like Ahmed Bola Tinubu with a drug linked case in the US will be vulnerable to blackmail if elected our President. He will be vulnerable to both governments and organised crime. Can he even pass a drug test? These are serious issues that Tinubu MUST respond to!


Rino Omokri addressed this in a video he did on Twitter




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