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Dangote Refinery Cuts Diesel and Aviation Fuel Prices



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Dangote Refinery Cuts Diesel and Aviation Fuel Prices




Dangote Petroleum Refinery has announced a significant reduction in the prices of diesel and aviation fuel, in an effort to alleviate Nigerians’ economic challenges. The Head of Communication at Dangote Group, Mr Anthony Chiejina, made the announcement in Lagos, stating that the new prices would be set at N940 per litre for diesel and N980 per litre for aviation fuel.



This latest price adjustment follows closely on the heels of a previous reduction from N1,200 to N1,000 per litre, which was well-received by consumers. The new pricing structure offers further discounts to bulk buyers, with customers purchasing five million litres or more eligible for the N940 rate, while those buying one million litres or more can avail of the N980 rate.



A strategic partnership with MRS Oil and Gas stations has been established to ensure that these reduced prices are accessible to consumers across the country. The collaboration is set to expand to other major oil marketers, with the goal of providing affordable fuel options to all Nigerians. Customers will now have the opportunity to purchase diesel for as low as N1,050 per litre and aviation fuel for N980 per litre at various MRS-operated airports.



Mr Chiejina emphasized that the primary objective of these price adjustments is to prevent retail buyers from being subjected to exorbitant prices, thereby contributing to a more stable economic environment. The Dangote Group’s unwavering dedication to improving the welfare of Nigerians is evident in these latest price reductions, which are expected to help mitigate the impact of economic challenges facing the country.



The positive response to Dangote’s efforts has been widespread, with notable figures such as President Bola Tinubu and Mr Segun Ajayi-Kadir of the Manufacturers Association of Nigeria praising the company’s initiatives. President Tinubu commended the refinery for its proactive approach in reducing fuel prices, while Mr Ajayi-Kadir highlighted the broader economic benefits that such reductions can bring, particularly in sectors like industrial operations, transportation, logistics, and agriculture.



The ripple effects of these price reductions are expected to be felt across various sectors of the economy, helping to alleviate inflationary pressures and revitalize businesses that have been struggling. Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s continued commitment to driving positive change through affordable fuel prices sets a commendable example for other industry players and underscores the pivotal role that local industries can play in shaping the economic landscape of the nation.



As Nigerians navigate through challenging economic times, initiatives like these serve as beacons of hope, offering tangible relief and fostering a more sustainable path towards economic recovery. Dangote Petroleum Refinery’s proactive stance in addressing the needs of the people underscores the company’s ethos of corporate responsibility and sets a benchmark for corporate citizenship in Nigeria’s business landscape.

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