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Kwankwaso’s Trip to Tinubu makes me feel Deceived.




Kwankwaso’s trip to Tinubu makes me feel deceived.




There is “leaked” audio in circulation of a phone call between Ibrahim Masari and Ganduje where the outgoing Kano State governor is complaining and registering his dissatisfaction with Kwankwaso’s visit to the President-elect, Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in Paris.






The governor feels betrayed by the action, considering the stiff enmity between the two factions in Kano politics. He feels Kwankwaso’s defection to the APC will automatically send him on political retirement without pension and gratuity.




The President-elect will be sworn in nine days from today for the first term of four years, but he is already working toward 2027. Kwankwaso has Kano State Government, a majority in the Kano State House of Assembly, 19 House of Representatives Members, and 2 Senators going into 2027. It’s very clear to even the blind that Kano is a no-go area without Kwankwaso. Hence the move by BAT.




Kwankwaso’s defection to the APC means he will lead the party, decide on EXCOs, and plan for the 2027 elections. Kano contributed almost 1.7 million votes in the last election but split, with RMK having the highest, almost a million. BAT is already working to flush it all out by 2027, and unfortunately for Ganduje, Kwankwaso is the only path to that, and BAT is very much aware of that.




Politics is a business, and business is all about capitalism. And capitalism is all about maximizing profit, which sometimes comes with “collateral damage”. Ganduje seems to be the “collateral damage” in this political transaction.




Time is the best judge.

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