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My Husband Beats me too death



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My Husband Beats me too Death.

NewsReport Nigeria February 21,2021


I will not give up on my man Lady said.

It was said that the woman’s phone rings and when she saw the caller she stepped out of the room to receive the call, while she was on the call her husband hit her and started beating her from behind.

NewsReport Nigeria gathered that the phone call she received was from Nigeria brewery marketing manager, concerning the job the husband told her about, if she can get for him through her friend that works with Nigeria brewery.

Meanwhile this online information understands that this is not the first time, his doing this to her, he beats her severally even without receiving phone calls issues.

I have been thinking to end up with him, but after beating he realizes is mistakes and started begging me.

Meanwhile, on 2 occasion have gotten miscarriage due to the results of beating me that was when I decided but, I love him so much I can’t let him live me for another woman.

Although he as not meet with my parents, for my hands in marriage, but we are planning our traditional wedding after he gets the job at the Nigeria brewery.

I know he will change one day, we will still enjoy ourselves, the lady said.

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