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Mother Abscond after receiving 3million Naira Donated for her Daughter Surgery.



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Mother Abscond after receiving 3million Naira Donated for her Daughter Surgery.

NewsReport Nigeria April 14, 2021


A 3-year-old child accepted on after her look after (Mother) absconded with the capital donated for her to undergo a intellect surgery.

NewsReport Nigeria reports that Nuhu Fulani kwajafa, the inhabitant director of comprehensive initiative for Peace, feel affection for and Care, GIPLC, has full to the group media platform, Facebook; to recite how a sick 3-year-old lass died on Tuesday, April 13; after her care for allegedly absconded with N3m donated by a admirably value personal for her surgery.

This on-line information learnt that the son of earlier NDLEA boss, who disclosed this on Facebook, said the 3-year-old girl, Ada was pain from reason lump and considered necessary to undergo surgery.

A patron had compensated the riches into the credit come to of the child’s look after (mother) as he was not comfortable with NGOs.

Below is how he reported the story:

“Last month we had a project of a 3yr from the past young woman with a head lump who required N3m for surgery. ”A benefactor insisted on paying the funds to the financial credit of the mother; moreover stating that he’s not comfortable with NGOs,” he wrote. “We firstly required him to give precisely to the hospital; but that was not likely as 80% of health check equipment considered necessary for the surgery has to be bought outside the hospital. ”Eventually the contributor accredited the mother’s account, and the nurse absconded with the N3m. ”Sadly, the young person died this morning.

”Rest In Peace, Ada.”

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