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Burna Boy Ventures into Nollywood Production with Thriller Addressing Sex Trafficking



Burna Boy Ventures into Nollywood Production with Thriller Addressing Sex Trafficking
Wema Bank Alat

Burna Boy Ventures into Nollywood Production with Thriller Addressing Sex Trafficking




Nigerian Afrobeat sensation and Grammy Award-winning artist, Burna Boy, is set to make his mark in the world of Nollywood as a producer with his upcoming thriller, “Three Cold Dishes,” which sheds light on the harrowing issue of sex trafficking.



The film, which is directed by the gifted Asurf Oluseyi, tells the tale of three teenagers who were tragically sold into the illegal sex trade and who later came together with a common goal of exacting revenge after a 13-year separation.



This captivating project is a collective effort by Ifind, Alma Prods., Asurf Films, and Martian Network, with co-production by Black Mic Mac. Burna Boy, through Spaceship Films, the production company he co-founded with Bose Ogulu, will serve as the executive producer—a role that marks a significant milestone in his already illustrious career.



The goal of Black Mic Mac, a production banner founded by industry heavyweights Pape Boye and Logical Pictures to showcase talent from Africa and the Middle East, is in line with Burna Boy’s ascent to prominence in the film industry. This strategic initiative not only empowers emerging filmmakers but also provides a platform for established voices to create a diverse portfolio of films and television series.



In a statement, Boye expressed his pride in collaborating with filmmakers across the continent and his quest to unearth talents who aspire to captivate global audiences with their storytelling prowess.



Burna Boy is part of a growing cohort of musicians making inroads into Nollywood, following in the footsteps of Tiwa Savage, who recently graced the silver screen in her debut feature film, “Water and Garri,” which premiered on Prime Video on May 10, 2024.



The fusion of music and cinema talents such as Burna Boy and Tiwa Savage not only amplifies Nigeria’s cultural impact on the global stage but also underscores the burgeoning synergy between the country’s vibrant music and film industries.



Key Highlights

“Three Cold Dishes” stands out as a monumental pan-African film that promises a cinematic experience like no other, with Oluseyi describing it as a testament to the resilience and strength of its characters.


The selection of projects highlights the rich storytelling legacy that emanates from the area. It includes a wide range of projects from both veteran and emerging talent.


Ishaya Bako is directing “The Three Rascals,” which is another exciting project in the works. The plot of this Nigerian adaptation centers on three married men whose covert vacation plans take a terrible turn when a plane crashes. It promises to be an entertaining comedy. Black Mic Mac and Black Armada co-produce the movie, which is directed by Les Raconteurs.



The collaborative efforts of Burna Boy and other eminent figures in the entertainment industry not only enrich the African filmmaking landscape but also pave the way for compelling narratives to captivate audiences worldwide. Watch out for “Three Cold Dishes” and other riveting projects that promise to redefine the cinematic landscape with their unique storytelling prowess.


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