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+234Art Fair: A Celebration of Nigerian Art and Heritage**



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+234Art Fair: A Celebration of Nigerian Art and Heritage




The art world is abuzz with anticipation as +234Art Fair, a national exhibition showcasing the vibrant creativity of over 200 artists, is set to kick off at the prestigious Ecobank Pan African Centre (EPAC). Scheduled to run for 10 days starting on Friday, March 22nd, the event promises to be a convergence of top government officials, policymakers, members of the diplomatic corps, and art enthusiasts from around the world.



Curated by Soto Gallery in collaboration with Ecobank and the Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), the +234Art Fair aims to not only provide a platform for emerging artists to gain recognition, but also to foster their economic growth through local and international art sales. Tola Akerele, the visionary founder of Soto Gallery, conceived of the exhibition as a celebration of Nigeria’s rich artistic heritage, represented by the fusion of the country’s dialing code, +234, with the concept of art.



Under the theme ‘A New Heritage,’ +234Art Fair seeks to bridge the gap between Nigeria’s artistic past and present, instilling a sense of pride and purpose in emerging artists. It poses thought-provoking questions about the essence of Nigerian art, the heritage that underpins artistic practices, and the role of emerging artists in shaping the country’s artistic legacy.



Bolaji Lawal, the Managing Director and Regional Executive of Ecobank Nigeria, has expressed confidence that the fair will be a rewarding experience for both the participating artists and art enthusiasts worldwide. He emphasizes that the event will serve as a focal point for art lovers, offering a platform for emerging artists to showcase their works on both local and global scales.



Samaila Zubairu, the President & CEO of Africa Finance Corporation (AFC), has called on the public to partake in the fair, highlighting the numerous benefits it offers. The collaboration between AFC, Ecobank, and Soto Gallery is seen as a significant step towards advancing Africa’s creative industry by promoting African art and artists on a global platform.



Among the key attractions of the fair are a diverse range of art pieces, an art-centric bookstore, an immersive children’s area, a VIP lounge, culinary delights, and engaging masterclasses and workshops. These elements promise to create a dynamic and enriching environment for both artists and visitors alike.



As +234Art Fair prepares to open its doors, the stage is set for a celebration of Nigerian art, culture, and heritage. It is a testament to the power of art to foster creativity, promote cultural exchange, and drive economic growth. This event not only showcases the talent and diversity of Nigerian artists but also serves as a beacon of inspiration for the future of African art on the global stage.


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