Assigned Teacher to a Female Student Caught Chopping her on a hot day.

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Assigned Teacher to a Female Student Caught Chopping her on a hot day.

NewsReport Nigeria April 26, 2021

According to a credible source, the teacher is assigned to the female student as a personal teacher to assist her academically, and as a result,
the teacher visits the girl’s geometry whenever he feels like checking up on her.


NewsReport Nigeria understand that when the school(name withheld) was closed for the midterm holiday on a hot day, the teacher took
advantage of the opportunity to see the student who was alone in the classroom.


When he saw his student dressed half n@ked, this teacher was glued to his student.

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This incites the teacher’s desire to” chop” the girl when filming it. According to observations, the girl did not show any behavior that indicated she was uninterested in what the teacher was implying; rather, she sat on the teacher’s laps, bisected her “angle,” and gave her teacher a hot twerking drive design.

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