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 University of Benin student was Gunned down after Signing out.



University of Benin student was Gunned down after Signing out.

NewsReport June 30, 2021


NewsReport gathered that the victim was downstairs fetching water when his neighbor contacted him and he entered his room; they came in search of his neighbor and mistook him for the guy, so they shot him on the shoulder and the genuine target on the hand.

According to eyewitnesses, the target is improving with treatment, but Austen is dead in the mortuary.

“Nothing dey this life abeg. We recently checked out on Saturday after finishing our undergraduate group project.”

He also stated that he was in his group yesterday on Monday when we all arrived at school to work on it and that Tuesday morning he was informed that Austin had died.

Mistaken identity.

Some individuals don’t understand the value of life; why take what you can’t create? Sometimes I think we deserve the leaders we have because Nigerians are ruthless and cruel on their own.

There is a lesson to be learned here: be careful who you associate with; your friend may have done something wrong that you are unaware of, so keep a watchful eye on them to avoid such stories. I suggested it a few days ago because, based on what I’ve seen online, the excitement and joy may motivate some people who won’t be able to graduate to try to ruin the experience for others who will.



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