Presidential campaign is EXPENSIVE! It needs billions! Can we raise 100 billion?


Can Peter Obi @PeterObi set up an account, Gofundme, mobile payment for donations to start?

There must be stringent measures to ensure accountability and transparency


Either money or access to money is the largest asset the typical politician possesses. I think that the people need to give that money to Peter Obi. Peter Obi won’t be dependent on any governmental resources, including money or government agencies.


No time is left. Plans should be moving quickly right now. There is time on the side of other candidates. Peter Obi doesn’t, therefore things ought to be moving quickly.


People are prepared to provide.

Peter Obi @PeterObi ought to direct his financial team to establish up the required accounts, GoFundMe, mobile payment mechanism, and start the campaign fundraising. not one that various individuals or groups will establish up

#100BillionForPOCampaign This election is now glaringly one of survival for many Nigerians and we must put our monies where our votes are. We will have to be the ones donating to our candidates.
The people must be the power brokers!


A 100 billion is doable.
Our little money when added together by many of us will lead to that sum. Let us not he afraid.
Let me start with Nigerians in Diaspora
If 1,000,000 Nigerians in Diaspora donate $100 that will be $100,000,000 = 60 billion


For some, $100 might be too much to give. We have students in diaspora. They can donate $10.
1,000,000 Nigerian students/ youth in diaspora donating $10 will be $10,000,000 = 6bn naira

Some can afford to donate N10 weekly

It is reported that there are 15 million Nigerians in Diaspora.
Can we have another 1,000,000 Nigerians in Diaspora that can contribute $1 weekly to #PeterObiCampaign Fund weekly until election?
You read right. That is $1 weekly
That will be $1M weekly

#100BillionForPOCampaign Let me repeat the #PeterObiCampaignFund must be set up by Peter Obi himself. He can assign his team and launch. He will be held accountable. The team in charge must be trustworthy with weekly final report to public.
At least 3 signatories for withdrawal

#100BillionForPOCampaign There must also be a team that vet and approve all project to ensure judicious use of money. This team must consist of incorruptible people with character and are street/market smart.
Not the ones that will be told billboard is one billion & they approve

While Nigerians in Diaspora are donating to #PeterObiCampaignFund Nigerians in Nigeria will not be left out also.
Let’s start with the market woman that believes in Peter Obi and can donate 100 naira weekly!
1,000,000 of them will be 100,000,000 weekly!


There are Nigerians that can donate 1k weekly to #PeterObiCampaignFund. Some will just make it 5k a month till election.
1,000,000 donating 1k weekly will be 1bn weekly. That will be 4bn weekly

Donating to #PeterObiCampaignFund is not just about money. It is about investment of passion!
1 million people is about 27k people from each of the 36 states. Some States will have more than others.
Lagos State fit vex give 1m people sef

#100BillionForPOCampaign Campaign fundraising dinner can be organised in Abuja, Lagos & PH. That’s where you have the big boys and the big girls.
Some can donate 100m without batting eyes.

Our 1k is still solid! We are all investing. Putting our monies where our votes are


Imagine the friendly competition we will have representing our different places of residence in donating. We can even be putting our residence states to show from where

FCT for those of us in Abuja.

There must be serious accountability. Nigerians have been disappointed for too long.
There should be weekly statement of accounts released!
It is important to not only be above board but to also be seen to be above board

For those donating their time. A central database should be kept ( which i believe is already being done with the 15 people each at polling unit). I volunteer for my polling unit!
Beyond the database of support groups there should be a central one


The number of hours people can donate and on what days and in which places should be noted and judiciously used.





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