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Reactions to Kwankwaso’s Deputization of Peter Obi by the NNPP

Reactions to Kwankwaso’s Deputization of Peter Obi by the NNPP



Wema Bank Alat


Nigerians have reacted when the New Nigeria Peoples Party (NNPP) denied that Rabiu Kwankwaso, its presidential candidate, will deputize Labour Party presidential candidate Peter Obi in the 2023 general elections.


News Report learned that the NNPP called the media article “NNPP-LP alliance: ‘Kwankwaso can deputize Obi’ inaccurate and embarrassing to ‘our great party,’ claiming it was a fabrication of the reporter’s imagination.


According to the NNPP’s National Publicity Secretary, Dr. Agbo Major, there has never been a time when such a debate or negotiation has taken place.

He said, “NNPP has never at any time said its esteemed Presidential Candidate, His Excellency, Engr. Dr. Rabiu Musa kwankwaso could accept to be Labour Party, Peter Obi’s deputy.

“The report is misleading and embarrassing to our great party, its Presidential Candidate, Kwankwaso and millions of supporters in Nigeria and in the diaspora, and urges journalists to crosscheck their reports before publishing them to avoid national disaffection ahead of the crucial 2023 general election.


“As a mass movement, NNPP acknowledged alliance talks with Labour Party that would consolidate and boost the nation’s frail democracy as we collectively strive for a new Nigeria which the party champions.“


He noted that the NNPP has high regard for journalists as the watchdog of society and major stakeholders in the Nigeria democratic process and urges them to always crosscheck their reports before publishing them in tandem with the ethics of their profession.

Major expressed confidence that together with the media, the NNPP “shall build a strong, virile, progressive and egalitarian democratic society.“


The dismissive report may have dashed the hopes of many Peter Obi’s supporters who were clamouring for the alliance between the two parties.


Reacting to the report, one Minime10 wrote; “You people should keep your kwankwaso, we are keeping our own Peter Obi. Mind you, Obi can’t be anybody’s VP. If voting Obi at the poll means votes wasting, I shall be so delighted to waste my vote on Obi, that I have decided.”


Another user, 1nice wrote; ”If kwankwaso of NNPP refuse to serve as Peter Obi’s running mate, then kwankwaso and his NNPP Party should forget merging with Labour Party because Peter Obi can never be Vice President to kwankwaso; God forbid.

”Nigerians want Peter Obi as the next president of Nigeria come 2023, not kwankwaso. So kwankwaso should humble himself and agree to serve as Peter Obi’s running mate. But if kwankwaso and his NNPP party refuse they should test their popularity.


”Without kwankwaso in Labour Party Nigerians will still vote for Peter Obi and any other northerner politician Peter Obi choose as running mate. Labour Party became popular because of Peter Obi and not because of kwankwaso. The people of Nigeria are supporting Peter Obi because they see him as the one who will make Nigeria a better place for Nigerians and foreigners to live in.


”Labour party should forget kwankwaso and look for another northern politician who will serve as the running mate to Peter Obi.”


One franchasofficia wrote; “Kwankwaso knows he can’t win the Presidential election under NNPP. Kwankwaso formed NNPP to help him retake control of Kano government not necessarily to become President cos his popularity ends in Kano and few Northwest states, but Obi’s sudden rise is phenomenal and cut across all tribes and mostly youths.


“If Kwankwaso agrees to become Obi’s VP, NNPP will die and he is scared he may lose on both ends but Kwankwaso forgot that if he lets down his ego and pair with Obi under a formalised written agreement, he will be very closer to achieving his life’s goal of becoming President of Nigeria. Kwankwaso is big yes, but the time and political permutations now favours Peter Obi more than him.


“With Obi and Kwankwaso on ballot, they will win PDP and APC because they will win Northwest, Southeast for sure.


“They will get good votes from Southwest and Southsouth. They will also get in Northcentral and the election will be over.

“But if they refuse to merge, both Obi and Kwankwaso will only win their regions.”



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