Uju Kennedy-Ohaneye, the only female presidential candidate in the All Progressives Congress, has revealed why she danced before stepping down in favor of Bola Tinubu, the winner.


NewsReport gathered that when Kennedy-Ohaneye was given the opportunity to speak to the delegates, she took to the stage to demonstrate her dancing abilities.


Some Nigerians questioned why the media mogul was dancing so much when she knew she would be stepping down for the former Lagos State Governor.

Kennedy-Ohaneye while reacting to the backlash said she always enjoyed dancing even in public places.


She said, “I danced because I share. When you share what you have, you invite happiness into your heart. Nigerians probably didn’t see me when I was leaving the stage. When I got to the front of the glass house, I danced again. That was when the disc jockey put ‘Buga’ music.


“I danced so hard and enjoyed my time at the convention before all the women started rushing to meet me. That was when I stopped to hug them.”


She further stated that she was not moved by the comments levelled against her on social media after the presidential primary.


Kennedy-Ohaneye added, “Wetin concern me? I am a happy woman. I boogied down all the way. Even when they were counting the votes, I would stand and dance without a hoot about who was watching me. Let anybody hit their head anywhere if they don’t like it. I advise every other person to learn to be happy. That is the key.


“Wait till we win the 2023 general election, Nigerians will see me dancing all the way. I will wear my dancing shoes again.”




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