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My Achievements are Forgettable to Nigerians – Buhari



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President Muhammadu Buhari

My Achievements are Forgettable to Nigerians – Buhari



NewsReport Nigeria June 12, 2021




President Muhammadu Buhari has provided a solution to Nigeria’s serious corruption problem.


Mr. Buhari talked about the need for ‘special courts’ to fight corruption during an interview on NTA Friday night NewsReport gathered


“Special courts are needed. You develop terms of reference for them, you charge somebody, they come and defend themselves instantly.”


“When you go through it, particularly when there are still savings, you may get first-class SANS, lawyers to come and stand up for them, and the case will continue.”


“This is why I feel that in particular with regard to corruption, special courts are highly necessary. In order to get the riot act read correctly to the public and to account for it for anyone who does not. We’re not supposed to wait for people to die before God Almighty “There was a mistake.


“There’s forgiving Nigerians. I am quite happy that considering the circumstances, most Nigerians believe that this administration is doing its best.”


“People are corrupt. People are corrupt. People in a house with a wife and house, but they have more houses and spouses if elected”


It is recalled that, while campaigning in 2015, the battle against corruption was one of Buhari’s three main campaign promises.


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