Military Uniform Criminals who were Killed in Kogi.

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Military Uniform Criminals who were Killed in Kogi.


NewsReport June 10, 2021


Criminals dressed in military clothing convened today in Kogi state in the Ajaokuta area in repelling another circle of violent kidnapping. Nigerian police resisted the attack. The five alleged criminals had blocked the car stops till the men of the Nigerian Police Anti-Crime Patrol unit swooped at the car and fought a furious gunfight. Two of them were murdered, with bullet wounded fleeing from the jungle.


NewsReport gathered that the police are on the paths of the alleged kidnappers who run and are struggling to fight jungle areas. The police have recovered materials from the perpetrators, including two wooden AK47s, 25 different GSM tools, a First Bank ATM card with Mohammed Jamiu, and unreported money.


In the meantime, the government of Kogi State lauded the courage and speed of response to criminal elements by the security forces who are always ready to safeguard the state. Governor Alhaji Yahaya Bello called on Nigerians to go about their normal business through his chief press secretary Muhammed Onogwu because the state is ready to combat criminal groups and other associated antics.


“The State of Kogi has no residence for criminal elements; the State exists exclusively for lawful citizens. Anyone who thinks he can commit a crime will be dealt with decisively. Our galvanized security forces are on the ground to secure life and property and the state will continue to lead.”



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