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President Buhari’s Speech to the Lagos State Police Command on Handing over Security Equipment



Wema Bank Alat

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Buhari’s Speech to the Lagos State Police Command on Handing over Security Equipment.



NewsReport Nigeria June 11, 2021



I am delighted that His Excellency, the governor of the State of Lagos, Babajide Sanwo-Olu, on behalf of the State Security Trust Fund, has delivered newly picked safety equipment and assets to the State Police Command of Lagos NewsReport gathered.


There is no doubt that today this new equipment will increase the morale of the police and further increase their ability to battle crime and crime. In view of the unexpected violence that followed in the aftermath of last October’s protests against the ENDSARS that seriously affected security architecture in Lagos.

This online news learned that It worth mentioning, in the context of last October’s huge destruction, that Lagos State, the Center of Excellence, showed a true resilient attitude. Instead, you rebounded back again and rebuilt the confidence of residents and investors in the State with courage. They’re not being deterred by the serious setback.



I welcome the initiatives that have been done to initiate the process of restoration by establishing the Lagos State Rebuild Trust Fund and by the Lagos State Security Trust Fund, which is a very commendable endeavor. I urge other governments to follow your courageous, proactive, and resourceful move.


The Federal Government takes our constitutional pledge extremely seriously to ensure the lives and property of the people of Nigeria. We know well that sustainable security for businesses, investments, and genuine prosperity is the essential basis.



This is why we have shown our commitment to thorough Nigerian police reform, and continue to demonstrate it. Since 1999 no federal government has been engaged to reform and reposition the Nigerian police and the national police architecture as our administration has been since.

In 2019, I signed into law the Act establishing the Nigeria Police Trust Fund, the first in the history of the Force, to provide guaranteed funding to support Police welfare, logistics, and equipment.

In September 2020, I assented to the Bill amending the Nigeria Police Act, which was originally enacted in 1943.



This new Act, a vast improvement over the old one, among other things spells out the modalities for the implementation of a National Community Policing Scheme in Nigeria.

This new scheme will build confidence within our local communities and make them active stakeholders in the safety and security of their environs.

We are currently recruiting 10,000 new Police officers to reinforce our personnel capacity across the country. In addition to this, I have directed the National Salaries, Incomes, and Wages Commission to carry out an upward review of Police Salaries and Benefits. Let me also use this opportunity to commend the leadership of the Force for the reforms being implemented in the area of Police Pensions.

Distinguished guests, ladies, and gentlemen; even as we strive to improve Police welfare and capacity, we equally have our expectations of them. First, let me commend the Inspector-General of Police and the entire Force for the recent efforts to restore peace to troubled parts of the country.

I have charged the Inspector-General to leave no stone unturned in rebuilding the morale of his officers and men, especially in the aftermath of the mindless violence associated with the EndSARS protests, as well as the recent spate of attacks on Police Stations in some parts of the country.

A nation that turns its Police personnel and infrastructure into targets of violence and destruction is a nation on the path of self-destruction. We will act firmly and decisively against any and all persons fomenting or carrying out attacks on our Police Force and other security personnel.

Let me also use this opportunity to reiterate that my directive to security agencies, to shoot any person or persons found illegally wielding AK-47s and other assault weapons, remains in place.

As Commander-in-chief, my primary responsibility remains the security of the country and the safety of all citizens. Despite the many challenges we are facing, I want Nigerians to rest assured that we will secure this country. We will secure our infrastructure, our highways, our communities, and our forests, and we will secure the lives of our people.

To effectively accomplish this goal, however, we require the support of all stakeholders, including the other tiers of government, and non-government actors like traditional, community, and religious leaders, the private sector, civil society organizations, and citizens themselves.

Security is a collective effort, and credible intelligence, which is a necessary ingredient for preventing and fighting crime, cannot be obtained without the full cooperation of citizens and communities.

Once again, let me commend Lagos State for what you are doing in the areas of reinforcement and support for the security agencies in the State.

Let me also commend all of the private sector partners who have risen up to the challenge and partnered wonderfully with the State Government in its ongoing battle to quell the upsurge of crime and insecurity in the state.

It is my hope that this public/private sector partnership will be an example to others to demonstrate similar acts of generosity and responsibility.

Let me now again express my gratitude to the Lagos State Government for extending an invitation to me to join you at this handing-over ceremony.

Thank you, God bless Lagos State, and God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.


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