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Kwara State Govt Extends Support to Labour Unions with 10,000 Bags of Rice



Kwara State Govt Extends Support to Labour Unions with 10,000 Bags of Rice
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Kwara State Govt Extends Support to Labour Unions with 10,000 Bags of Rice




The government has taken a significant step to alleviate the challenges faced by the people of Kwara State by delivering 10,000 bags of 10 kg rice as palliatives to labour unions. This move is part of ongoing efforts to support workers in the state in the face of Nigeria’s economic challenges.



The distribution of the rice palliatives follows a recent engagement between Governor AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq and the leadership of the organised labour unions, as well as other stakeholders. During this engagement, the governor reaffirmed his commitment to providing relief to the people of the state.



Expressing their gratitude, Comrade Joseph Tunde Meshach, State Chairman of the Trade Union Congress (TUC), and Comrade Saheed Olayinka, State Chairman of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), commended the Governor for his continuous efforts to provide support to the people of Kwara State.



During a press briefing in Ilorin, the state capital, Comrade Tunde Joseph highlighted the significance of the rice distribution, stating, “We are here distributing the bags of rice given to us by His Excellency the Governor of Kwara State, Mallam AbdulRahman AbdulRazaq. On Tuesday, we had a meeting with him, where he said he would be giving the labour movement in the state 10,000 bags of rice (10kg) as a form of support at this time.”



He further added, “It is part of the thing to ameliorate the suffering of the people, which we truly appreciate. We appreciate the gesture.”



Both labour leaders acknowledged the Governor’s approval of 11 out of 21 requests presented, signifying positive progress in ongoing negotiations with the government to improve the conditions of service for the state’s workers.


Comrade Saheed Olayinka emphasized the significance of the support, stating, “We are very glad to receive 10,000 bags of rice (10kg) in this exercise. We believe this will go a long way. It is a show of support and empathy, and we appreciate it.”



He also noted the government’s responsiveness, stating, “This is not our first time witnessing different administrations of government. However, this government shows it has sympathy for the public. This is not only about the public service; it also includes the private sector.”



The ongoing negotiations with the government were also highlighted, with both leaders expressing optimism about the remaining 10 requests under consideration. Comrade Olayinka praised the Governor for maintaining the committee set up to address the demands of Kwara State workers, expressing hope that the remaining requests will soon be addressed.



The distribution of the rice palliatives has already commenced, with members from various ministries, departments, agencies, and affiliates receiving their allocations. The positive impact of this support has been evident, reducing tensions and burdens on the workers.



The gesture by the Kwara State Government not only demonstrates its commitment to the welfare of the workers but also reflects a responsive and empathetic approach towards addressing the needs of the people. As the distribution of the rice palliatives continues, it is clear that the government’s efforts are aimed at providing tangible relief to the people in these challenging times.



The continuous engagement and support from the government, as well as the responsiveness displayed in addressing the demands of the workers, are crucial steps towards fostering growth and development in the state. This collaborative approach between the government and the labour unions sets a positive precedent for addressing the needs of the workforce and the wider community, ultimately contributing to the overall well-being of the people of Kwara State.


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