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Donald Trump Supports the Ban on Twitter in Nigeria, He says I Should have Done the Same Thing



Wema Bank Alat

Donald Trump Supports the Ban on Twitter in Nigeria, He says I Should have Done the Same Thing


NewsReport June 9, 2021



NewsReport gathered that the Nigerian government’s action blocking access to Twitter in western Africa was supported by Former President Donald Trump on Tuesday and urged additional governments to follow suit.


“Congratulations to Nigeria, which just prohibited Twitter since its President has been banned,” Trump stated in an emailed statement.


“For the Twitter and Facebook not permitting free and open discourse, more COUNTRIES should restrict all voices.


“In the meantime, competitors are emerging and taking hold,” continued the former chairman. If they are evil themselves, who are they to dictate right and evil? Maybe during my time as President, I ought to have done it. Yet Zuckerberg continued to call me to the White House for a meal to tell me how terrific I was. [Facebook founding member Mark]. Is it 2024?”


The Federal Minister of Information and Culture of Nigeria today declared the suspension of Twitter activities because of their “usage of activities which undermine the corporate existence of Nigeria,” “infinitely.” The Ministry was widely derided because it posted on its Twitter accounts its announcement barring Twitter.


Earlier this week, Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari tweeted to warn secessionist movements in the region of Biafra, the social media giant reportedly censored for most of the conservative views.


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“Many of those now being misbehaved is too young to be aware of the destruction and loss of life during the Nigerian Civil War,” Buhari tweeted in relation to the Biafra conflict, which between 1967 and 1970 killed 1 million people. “Those of us who went through the fight on the ground for 30 months is going to treat them in the language they understand.”


As well as the deletion of the tweet, Twitter also suspended Buhari for 12 hours in violation of its “abortive behavior” policy.


“The shutdown of Twitter in Nigeria is of great concern to us. Access to the free and #OpenInternet in contemporary society is a fundamental human right,” claimed Saturday Twitter. “We will strive towards restoring access to the world for all Nigerian residents who rely on Twitter.”


After the Jan. 6 incident in the United States Capitol, Trump himself earned a permanent ban on Twitter. On Friday, Facebook said that but could prolong its own ban on the former chairman until at least January 7, 2023. The president’s ban was reinforced by the Facebook Review Board last month, but its open-element was challenged.


In the 2020 rigged Presidential Election, Trump called the Facebook Decision “an insult to the record 75M people, along with many others who voted for us.


“Such censorship and suppression should be prevented from them and we will ultimately win,” Trump said. “This mistreatment can no longer be taken by our country!”


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