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Bldr. Odegade, MD of AKMODEL Groups Fulfils Land Pledge To Miss Arts Nigeria Winners

Bldr. Odegade, MD of AKMODEL Groups Fulfils Land Pledge To Miss Arts Nigeria Winners



Wema Bank Alat

Bldr. Abdulhakeem Odegade, the Managing Director of AkModel Homes and Properties fulfilled his promise of a plot of land to three Miss Art Nigeria Winners on July 4, 2022.




The just concluded Grand Finale Ceremony of Miss Arts Nigeria (beauty and empowerment reality show) 2022, was held in Regency Hall, Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos, filled with all the razzmatazz with Bldr. Abdulhakeen Odegade, MD of AKMODEL Groups in attendance.


Miss Arts Anambra Biana Oranu was crowned the overall winner, going home with a prize of a million Naira (N1,000,000 only), and a car. Miss Arts Abuja (Elizabeth Adekunle) and Miss Arts Eko (Omotolani Adelakun) came 2nd and 3rd respectively, a plot of land each, courtesy of AKMODEL GROUP, was also given to them.

The three Miss Arts Nigeria Winners were overwhelmed and appreciated Bldr. Hakeem, while they appended their signatures on the Land document.



The winner, Miss Arts Angel Biana Oranu mentioned that she will leave the land to appreciate for an investment.

Moreso, she made it cleared that she will also advertise the Akmodel Homes and Properties on her social media platforms so that people can trust the company from her own personal experience.

According to Miss Elizabeth Adekunle, the 1st runner-up, she stated that this is the first time she will win such a gift, so she will consult Akmodel Homes and Properties on how to go about the land.



“I will leave the land to appreciate for a while and later decide on what to do with it or on it”, Miss Adelakun Abiola Omotolani the 2nd runner-up said.


Bldr. Odegade explained that “a Phone cannot be compared with a piece of land that appreciates over time rather than depreciating, saying that this is what we call return on investment (ROI), Inflation does not affect landed properties and I am very happy with the kind of responses and feedbacks I am getting from you.”

Also, he said it is good to allow such kind of properties to stay for some years.



“I am actually curious to know their intentions on the land” Bldr. Odegade added.

The General Manager of Akmodel Homes and Properties, … mentioned that instant allocation of land makes them different from other companies.

“Therefore, Akmodel Homes and Properties is reliable and trustworthy to buy land from and have peace of mind.”




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