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TC Awards Celebrating Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi



TCA celebrating Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi
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TCA celebrating Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi




The Tribute Concert and Awards 2024/All Yoruba Heroes Summit is a grand event, and in it we must honor and remember those remarkable people whose unwavering commitment has brought us this far. One star stands out among the constellation of supporters: Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi.



In the previous rendition of our event, Elder Ayokanmi, affectionately referred to as Elder Ayo, extended his unwavering support to us. However, it was in the current edition that his contribution truly stood out. When the daunting task of assembling a delegation to meet with distinguished figures such as His Imperial Majesty, Oonirisa, the esteemed Governor of Oyo, and the eminent Head of Oyomesi, Basorun of Oyo, presented itself, Elder Ayokanmi’s assistance proved to be invaluable. Despite the exigency of the situation and the logistical hurdles that loomed large, Elder Ayo rose to the occasion without a moment’s hesitation.



Elder Ayo’s dedication transcended all expectations. He not only journeyed to Lagos to join the delegates but also took it upon himself to arrange for a more luxurious and presentable vehicle to be dispatched to Ibadan for the delegation’s conveyance. His unwavering commitment and magnanimity did not go unnoticed, as he expended a considerable sum of money to ensure the seamless execution of the expedition.



The actions of Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi epitomize true heroism and encapsulate the ethos of our event. We are profoundly grateful for his selfless sacrifice and that of the other delegates who stood shoulder to shoulder with him on this pivotal odyssey. They are the unsung heroes of our noble cause, and our gratitude knows no bounds.



As we gear up for the forthcoming Tribute Concert and Awards 2024/All Yoruba Heroes Summit, we remain steadfast in our commitment to extol and venerate stalwarts like Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi and all our ardent supporters, for they are the bedrock of our event and the veritable champions of our community.



Elder Ayokanmi Ogunremi, the illustrious CEO of Ayokad Motors Ghana Ltd., stands as a beacon of inspiration and a patron of the Tribute Concert and Awards 2024/All Yoruba Heroes Summit. His indelible imprint on our event serves as a testament to the profound impact that one individual can have in shaping the course of history and fostering unity within our community.


Olansile Abayomi

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