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2023 Election: It’s going to be war on bandits if I am elected for President.

2023 Election: It’s going to be war on bandits if I am elected for President.



Wema Bank Alat

2023 Election: It’s going to be war on bandits if I am elected for President.


NewsReport gathered that Governor Nyesom Wike of Rivers State has warned delegates of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in Taraba State that if he wins the party’s ticket and the election, he will wage war on the bandits.


“The one problem that our PDP government (under my leadership if elected) must solve is to reduce the level of insecurity in our nation; otherwise, the economy will not be able to thrive,” he stated.

Bandits will flee when they hear my name because I will bring the conflict to them. In action, I will be the Commander-in-Chief.

I’ll be commanding in projects, in security, in agriculture, and in the economy, together with the armed forces. I’ll be commanding every aspect of life that will make Nigerians happy. This is because I have the capacity to solve the problems of Nigeria.

In a statement by his Special Assistant, Media, Kelvin Ebiri, Wike also said the establishment of state police would be one enduring approach to addressing the festering insecurity in Nigeria.

The Governor, while wooing delegates of the PDP in Taraba State in Jalingo on Thursday, dismissed the argument against the need for state police.

He said, “The Federal Government, you cannot stop this insecurity if you don’t have state police.” You must have state police, no two ways about it.

“Having a state police does not mean you will not have a federal police. All over the federal system, even councils have their own police, so you can employ people who know the environment.

It is not possible for a stranger to go to Mabila; it will take him years to understand that place. You can’t take a stranger and go to Donga or Chanchangi. So, you need people who know the environment so they will be able to take care of the place.

If federal offences are committed, the federal police should handle them. If they are state crimes, the state police should handle them. So one key thing to stopping this insecurity in Nigeria is to have a state police force. ”

The Rivers governor said those opposing state police often argued that if allowed, governors would use it against their opponents.

He said: “The question is, will the governors be in office permanently? So, that argument is neither here nor there. If this party called the APC government loved Nigeria and was committed to Nigeria, one project that they would have given to Nigeria is the creation of the State police. ”

Wike explained that the beauty of establishing state police was to ensure that people indigenous to an area were engaged in policing their environment.

Wike told the delegates that he was presenting himself to them to be given the presidential ticket to fly the party’s flag in the 2023 election because he was prepared to end the many troubles facing Nigeria.

He lamented incidents of bomb blasts in parts of the country and on railway tracks.

Taraba Governor, Darius Ishaku, harped on the need for the creation of state police.

He lamented the state of insecurity in Nigeria and expressed optimism that if the PDP returned to power in 2023, the party would restore the lost glory of the country.

He said: “He (Wike) speaks the truth; he fears nobody; and he is a workaholic. You have seen how he has turned Rivers State into a working site. We welcome him. If God permits, he will do it. We know what he has said.

Nigeria is yearning for leadership. He has said it. Hunger doesn’t go east, south, or west. Kidnapping doesn’t know any south, east, or west. Security is security. If there is no security, there is no economy. If there is no economy, the country does not exist. ”

On his part, former Gombe Governor Ibrahim Dankwambo described Wike as a faithful party man with the requisite experience to lead Nigeria.

He said: “He is a true party man. Wike joined the party in 1998 and he is still in the party. He has never left, even when the going was tough.

When great people ran away, Wike stayed. He did not only stay, because he did not have anywhere to go, he contributed to building the party, making the party stable and ensuring that the party continued as a growing concern.

“I have been to Rivers State while I was a governor and have also been to Rivers State since I left as a governor. This is a man that has performed extremely well. In education, health, social interaction of people, and most importantly, security. In the area of security, which is our major problem in Nigeria today, Wike has stabilized the Niger Delta today, particularly in his own state of Rivers.

You can remember how Rivers was eight years ago and you can see how Rivers has become one of the most visited states in Nigeria today.

Companies are coming back, revenues have doubled. You know this is important in all the states where you lost revenue because people are leaving. People have come back, investments have come back, development is in force. ”

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