1443 Hijrah/2022: 1 million pigrim under the age of 65 are limited.


NewsReport gathered that the Ministry of Hajj and Umra of Saudi Arabia (MOHU) has announced that the number of pilgrims allowed for the Hajj season this year (1443 Hijrah/2022) is limited to i million local and international pilgrims.

In an official statement shared on Twitter today, it was said that the number of international pilgrims for this year will be in accordance with the quotes allocated to each country, taking into account the compliance with all healthcare criteria.

The Ministry also said in the statement that pigrims this year are only open to those under the age of 65 who have received the main COVID-19 vaccine approved by the Saudi Ministry of Health.

According to the statement, pilgrims coming from outside of Saudi Arabia are required to submit a negative Covid-19 PCR test result within 72 hours of departure.

The ministry also reminded pilgrims of the need to adhere to precautions and follow all health instructions while performing their Hajj Pilgrims.

Saudi Arabia accepted 60,000 domestic pilgrims last year, including nationalities and foreigners who perform Hajji.




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