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Zenith Bank’s System is Ineffective at Saving Money.




Zenith Bank’s System is Ineffective at Saving Money.


NewsReport June 11, 2021



A customer said he received a series of unauthorized debits from his Zenith Bank current account at 11 p.m. July 9, 2021.


It was Friday night, and I couldn’t go to the bank to file a complaint and learn how and why such a large sum of money had vanished from my account.


But my mind was still uneasy, so I decided to contact them by email, which I did, and they responded after hours of waiting.


When the issue was reported he had unauthorized debits from his account, they responded by saying that their system is weak and that  can happen with people’s money under their supervision without them knowing “Please be advised that no such debit on your account has been discovered by checks. Reconfirmation can be found on your account statement.”


I couldn’t believe what I saw in their response, so I told them they needed to double-check their system, and later they admitted I had unlawful debits from my account.


The most irritating part is that they showed no inclination or attempt to assist in determining whether or not something could be done about the stolen funds that I left to their protection, nothing like that.

To them, money is lost, and there is nothing they can do about it.


I’m particularly unhappy in the bank since it shown incompetence in handling people’s money, they have a flaw in their system that allows something like that to happen five times without them noticing, and their handling of the situation is inept.



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