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The A’Ibom APC has the best Chance of Winning Elections – Eyiboh

The A’Ibom APC has the best chance of winning elections – Eyiboh



Wema Bank Alat


NewsReport gathered that Hon. Eseme Eyiboh, the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate for the Eket Federal Constituency seat in Akwa Ibom State, claimed his party has the best chance of capturing all elective posts in the state in the 2023 elections.


Eyiboh, who claimed while answering questions from journalists in Uyo, later clarified that all party primaries were held by norms and regulations as well as the law at designated locations.

He stressed that the party primaries including the governorship and State Assembly primaries held at Ekpo Obot venue, were conducted by the party officials dispatched to Akwa Ibom from Abuja with electoral materials for the purpose, and also observed by the Independent National Electoral Commissíon (INEC).

His words: “We have the brightest and the best of chances of winning. Now our governorship candidate, Mr. Akan Udofia is coming with an Enterprise development instinct, which is what Akwa Ibom people are desirous of to move to the next level. He has the stability of the mind.

“It is going to be a very well contested election no doubt about that because the two candidates from the two political parties are coming from a background in the private sector.

“That is why those who were voting in APC did not want to vote for any gubernatorial candidate who has a poor public perception. It must reflect in your lifestyle on how you can manage yourself. So we are ready, we are able, we are willing and we are winning”.

Asked if it was fair for the APC to zone its presidential ticket to the north where the outgoing President hails from, the one-time House of Representatives member on the platform of the PDP responded that issues of competence and not sentiment should be considered important in the leadership recruitment process.

“You don’t just recruit leaders based on sympathy. You are talking about speculation and body language of APC on zoning, but you are not talking about the manifest evidence of what the PDP has done.

“You would have started with what is evident and not what is being speculated. PDP set up a committee and said the presidency is going to the South. Now Atiku has emerged with the same Southerners voting for him.

“You see the problem in zoning is not in the papers, it is in the attitude of our people. So, we must recruit people who can rise beyond the consideration of dollars and naira.

“We must not bring in people who don’t want to leave government because of fear of what would happen to them when they leave office.

I left the House of Representatives and came to the Streets, and up till today, I am not afraid to stay on the Street.

” Now, I have been able to do a need purpose why I want to go to where I want to go based on my experience in the Street”, Eyiboh explained.


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