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APC Defends FG Over Delayed Workers’ December Salary Payment



APC Defends FG Over Delayed Workers' December Salary Payment
Wema Bank Alat

APC Defends FG Over Delayed Workers’ December Salary Payment


The recent exchange of words between the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) and the opposition Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) regarding the alleged delay in the payment of December salaries to federal workers has sparked a heated debate in the political arena. The APC has vehemently defended the federal administration against the accusations made by the PDP, describing the opposition party as bereft of ideas and engaging in misinformation.

In a statement issued by Barrister Felix Morka, the APC’s National Publicity Secretary, the party expressed disappointment in the PDP’s attempts to cast doubt on the federal administration’s commitment to the welfare of Nigerian workers. The APC claimed that federal employees’ December salaries had been paid on time, refuting the PDP’s claims.

The APC accused the PDP of deliberately feigning ignorance and criticized the opposition party for attempting to undermine the economic wellbeing of Nigerians. According to the APC, the PDP’s statement lacked reason or cogency and was disgracefully bereft of factual basis. The party emphasized that President Bola Tinubu’s administration has demonstrated a greater sensitivity and commitment to workers’ welfare in its few months in office compared to the PDP’s 16 years of rule.

The APC highlighted various initiatives and policies implemented by the current administration to support Nigerian workers, including the approval of the delisting of the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) from the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS), the institution of a student loan program, the provision of palliatives for states and workers, the upward review of the minimum wage, and support for vulnerable Nigerians, farmers, and small and medium enterprises.

The party criticized the PDP for what it deemed to be barefaced dishonesty and partisan pettiness, particularly in light of the PDP’s history and its handling of the fuel subsidy regime. The APC emphasized that the money saved from ending the fuel subsidy system is being prudently utilized for the benefit of Nigerians, dismissing the PDP’s accusations as misinformation and fearmongering.

The APC also commended organized labor for maintaining a mature understanding and disposition amidst the political rhetoric, highlighting the importance of dialogue and engagement with labor unions in addressing workers’ concerns. The party concluded by reaffirming its commitment to President Tinubu’s reforms, which are aimed at repositioning and restoring the nation to greatness and sustainable prosperity.

In response to the APC’s statement, the PDP has yet to issue a formal rebuttal, and the controversy surrounding the delayed salary payment continues to be a point of contention between the two major political parties in Nigeria.

The exchange between the APC and the PDP underscores the intense political polarization in Nigeria and the ongoing struggle for power and influence. It also highlights the importance of transparency and accountability in government operations, particularly concerning the timely payment of workers’ salaries and the management of public funds.

As the debate unfolds, it is crucial for both the ruling and opposition parties to prioritize the interests of Nigerian workers and ensure that their welfare remains a central focus of governance. Constructive dialogue, fact-based discourse, and a commitment to upholding the rights and dignity of workers are essential for fostering a healthy and productive political environment.

In conclusion, the exchange between the APC and the PDP underscores the need for responsible and respectful political discourse grounded in verifiable facts and a genuine concern for the wellbeing of the Nigerian people. The timely and accurate payment of workers’ salaries is a fundamental aspect of good governance, and it is imperative for the government to uphold its commitment to the welfare of its citizens. Moving forward, it is essential for all political actors to prioritize the interests of Nigerian workers and engage in constructive dialogue to address any concerns or discrepancies regarding salary payments and labor rights.


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