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Study the Principle of Taqiyya by Yourself- Isa Ali Pantami



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Study the Principle of Taqiyya by Yourself- Dr. Isa Ali Pantami


NewsReport Nigeria April 23, 2021



“To understand Dr. Isa Ali Pantami ’s current statement claiming that he no longer believes in his former pro-terror stance, in support of which he once said “we are all happy whenever unbelievers are being killed” and for which he praised Osama Bin Laden as being “a better Muslim than I”, you need to study the principle of Taqiyya.


NewsReport Nigeria reports that Dr. Isa Pantami said in his statement that “Taqiyya allows those Muslims who practice it, to lie to non-Muslims about their true beliefs, in a bid to escape the consequences of their previous utterances or actions.


“Please do not take my word for it. Study the principle of Taqiyya by yourself. “According to the principle of Taqiyya, when you lie to unbelievers about your true beliefs and intentions, in order to escape sanctions, then that lie is not conceded as haram in the eye of God.


“And for those Muslims who will attack me for saying this, I preemptively ask you if I have lied. If I have not lied, my next question to you is this: How can you defend this man?


Now that you are carrying out your Ramadan fast, ask yourself if these statements will be acceptable to you if they were made by a follower of Christ against Muslims.


“Remember that prophet Mohammed said in the Hadiths that “none of you will believe until you love for your brother what you love for yourself.”


Are the people of the book not your brothers? Are we your enemies? Did we not help you in 613 AD when the Quraysh wanted to kill the Muslim Ummah in Mecca by granting Muslims asylum in the Christian kingdom of Aksum in modern-day Ethiopia?


“Would you want a follower of Christ to wish you what Dr. Pantami wished us? We are watching and reading.


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