Sanusi: Nigeria’s 35-Year development has been Erased

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Sanusi: Nigeria’s 35-Year development has been Erased


News Report August 15, 2021

Sanusi: Nigeria’s 35-year development has been Erased.

Muhammad Sanusi, a former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), has claimed that the country’s 35-year development has been erased News report gathered.

This online information learned that It is necessary, to ensure that Nigeria’s economy continues to thrive.

Sanusi said this during a colloquium to commemorate his 60th birthday on Saturday.

The previous Emir of Kano stated that speaking out against socioeconomic and security issues had cost him his life.

Sanusi further stated that if nothing is done soon, Nigeria will reach a position where the average citizen’s salary will be comparable to that of 1980.

“I haven’t spoken much in two years because I don’t have to say anything anymore,” he explained. All of the things we warned of have manifested.

“Where were we in 2019 according to the World Bank? At this rate, a Nigerian’s average income will have returned to what it was in 1980 under Shehu Shagari in terms of buying power parity in the next two years. That indicates we have made no progress in 40 years; 40 years have been wasted.”

According to Sanusi, “we have wiped out all the gains gained in 35 years” based on the index of the purchasing power of Nigerians’ average salary.




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