Russian/Ukraine: The Life of Troops in Mariupol (Picture)

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Russian/Ukraine: The Life of Troops in Mariupol (Picture)


Fighting between the Russian and Ukrainian military for control of the beleaguered city continues, according to official media.


Military vehicles with the letter “Z” painted on them are shown in the video. In Ukraine, Russian armored vehicles are marked with the letters “Z” and “V.”

A service member of pro-Russian troops in a uniform without insignia walks past a truck with the letter “Z” painted on its tent top in the separatist-controlled settlement of Buhas (Bugas), as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, in the Donetsk region, Ukraine March 1, 2022. REUTERS/Alexander Ermochenko

Around 100,000 residents are reported to be besieged in Mariupol, which is still cut off from food, water, fuel, and medical supplies.

Residents may be seen cooking over open fires in footage shown on state television.




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