Rexzee, a Ghanaian artist currently living in the UK and real name Rexford Adu Boateng, has admitted that he regrets moving abroad.


The rapper added in an interview with Attractive Mustapha that he is aware that many young people in Ghana desire to leave the country due to poverty, but in his honest opinion, they should calm down and reconsider their choice.


The young people in Ghana can work at many different jobs and have a good time, he continued.


He used his account of his time there to illustrate his point that it’s not as simple as many people think it is to live abroad.


“ I have been in abroad for over 20 years, and I won’t say abroad is not good, it’s good for young guys than old men“.


He was quick to add that If you have some jobs doing in Ghana focus on it than rushing abroad.


He expressed his wish to return to Ghana and settle.


Talking about himself, he said “honesty, I have regretted coming to abroad, because I would have been better off in Ghana considering the ideas I have“.


“Sometimes when I sit down and reflect on what we have in Ghana and how we have become slaves in the white man’s country it pains me“, RexZee stated.





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