One Ghanaian lady who did not want her name to be mentioned poured out her mind during an interview with her reason for hating Nigerians.


In an interview with her, she said her pastor had been a great man and very kind, but from the day she knew he was a Nigerian, things turned around between them and she never attended his church anymore.

My pastor is very kind. He gave me money and food. He even allowed me to stay in the church with my little boy. But the day it was mentioned that the pastor was traveling to his country, Nigeria, that was my last day in the church because I couldn’t stand watching him lay hands on me with the way I dislike Nigerians” .

They are all Nigerians in my country because of their negative attitudes, dishonesty, and even racial slurs. The majority of Nigerian playboys (Yahoo) in my country have encouraged the young Ghanaians to stop working altogether. The same playboy (Yahoo) on which they all rely is being abused by them in order to harm our women.

It is understood that Ghanaian ladies fall in love because of food?

”It’s not because of the food, but because they have a free heart and mind from helping and being with a guy who looks after them. This has now become a joke that with 1Cedis Indomie, I can sex a Ghanaian. This is most of all the attitudes that make me hate Nigerians.

”That is why Ghana’s police are also keeping an eye on them. One day, a Nigerian friend of mine was arrested, and I went to the police station to bail him out. I later regretted my decision, well that was in the past.

”I never knew there were different tribes in Nigeria because we classify everyone as a Nigerian, but the two I knew very well were Delta and Igbo. The guy who duped me when I went to buy a phone was Igbo”.

She proceeds by telling our correspondent in an interview with her that the worst of all was a Nigerian business man who was dating her senior sister, who impregnated her and collected a huge amount of money from her saying that he wanted to go and buy goods from Nigeria, not knowing that he had transferred his shop to another person.

”The boy is 12 now without his father. My aunty also travelled to Nigeria in search for him but never returned. After 5 years of all this, I just hate to see Nigerians around me.
But to my knowledge, I was made to understand that Nigerians accommodated Ghanaians during the war, but with the way things are now, Nigerians of this time have spoilt the relationship between us and them”.

How can we change our country’s bad reputation? Our leaders aren’t helping matters by fighting for positions and killing themselves.




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