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Popular Skit Maker “Ijoba Lande” has Gone Missing.




Popular skit maker “Ijoba Lande” has gone missing.



Ijoba Lande, a former Nollywood actor who now creates skits as Ganiyu Kehinde, has been missing since Sunday.




This information was provided by his wife, who used social media to inform Nigerians of her husband’s abrupt absence by posting videos and text messages.



The wife pleaded for Nigerians to assist her in finding the well-known Ijoba Lande, who she claimed left home on Sunday night without his phone and has been missing ever since.



She added that she had been to the police station to report the actor’s disappearance.



She wrote, “This is to inform the public that IJOBA LANDE left home for an unknown destination on March 26 around 9:00 p.m., and up until now we can’t find him.



“We have reported the case at the nearest police station, and with their help, they helped us send a signal to a radio station. Please, if you notice anything, you can DM his account or @ijesaekun.



“He left his phone at home after breaking his fast on the 26th, and that was the last time we heard from him.”



In a related development, his friend and colleague in the comedy sketch-making sector of the entertainment industry, Abdulgafar Ahmad, known as Cute Abiola, took to Instagram to ask for public support in order to locate Ijoba Lande.



He wrote: “Ah, what is going on? Ijoba Lande is missing. What’s happening? Does anyone here know about his whereabouts, please?”

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