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Pete Edochie drops yet another surprise on his son Yul.



Pete Edochie drops yet another surprise on his son Yul.
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Pete Edochie drops yet another surprise on his son Yul.

Nollywood legend Pete Edochie has dropped another bombshell on his son Yul over his controversial marriage to his second wife, Judy.


In an interview with Chude Jideowo, the veteran actor said his son is the architect of his misfortune. He passed his message across with a proverb, Linda Ikeji’s Blog reported.
Edochie said in that Interview: “He who fetches ant-infested firewood should be ready to host the lizards for a feast.”
Recall that after the marriage between Yul and Judy blew open, Yul has been faced with a number of issues and has been receiving backlash from the public.


The actor is currently enmeshed in a divorce saga with his estranged wife, May. May has filed a lawsuit seeking N1000m million in damages from Yul and his second wife, Judy, whom she accused of adultery. She also filed a restraining order, barring Yul from accessing their former matrimonial home.
This is not the first time Edochie has unequivocally condemned Yul’s marriage to Judy. He was once quoted as saying in an interview that he only recognized Yul’s first wife as the only authentic wife of his son.


Pete Edochie drops yet another surprise on his son Yul.

He also said he wasn’t shocked that Yul had a son without his knowledge because, right from when he was a child, he never listened to him.
“I want the whole world and Nigerians to understand that as an Igbo man, I never supported my son’s actions, and as a statesman, I only recognized his first wife as the only authenticated wife of my son; the rest are banished from entering my household.
Right from when Yul was still a child, he never listened to him.
“I’m not shocked that he has a son without my knowledge. A child that doesn’t listen to his father ends up cutting his or her life span short.”
Asked in another interview how he felt about Yul taking a second wife, Edochie said:
“I didn’t feel good, but like I said, I’m a Christian, and I read the Bible.  Solomon, with 700 wives and 300 concubines, was branded a man of wisdom. It’s his choice, and for whatever reason he decided to take a second wife, that’s what I can say.”

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