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Osinbanjo Appointed me as NSITF Chairman, but the Cabal Reversed it- Frank Kokori



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Frank Kokori

Osinbanjo Appointed me as NSITF Chairman, but the Cabal Reversed it- Frank Kokori


NewsReport Nigeria June 15, 2021



Chief Frank Kokori has revealed how, in October 2017, acting president Yemi Osinbajo selected him as President of the Nigeria Social Insurance Trust Fund.


NewsReport gathered that however, he stated that the strong presidential cabal overturned the appointment when Major General Muhammad Buhari (retd.) returned from medical leave in London.


After delaying to inaugurate Kokori for almost two years, Labor minister Chris Ngige later inaugurated the office of his ally of the company Austin Enajemo-Isire.


“Buhari is limited and that is age,” he stated. I think this is one of his problems, and the individuals we call the presidency, the cabal, or the Mafia exploit it. In his name, they would do anything, and write “The Presidency says that.”


“They dissolve positions as when, by the then acting President, Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, when Buhari went abroad, I became the chairmanship of the Nigerian Social Insurance Trust Fund. On his return, they believed that Kokori was too strong, because the pensions of the workers are stored there, and for corrupt people, it is a pastime.


“In fact, at the last moment, they sold the position to their stooges and you know that struggle. The entirety of Nigerian workers and even the media were backing me, but (the late Chief of Staff) Abba Kyari was in charge. They took the job from me, even though Buhari told me on June 12 that year that ‘you will resume at the end of the week.’”


Kokori revealed that Buhari had signed off on his appointment and told Ngige to go ahead and inaugurate him but the President’s directive was disobeyed.


“He (Buhari) did everything, but for the cabal. And you can’t reach Buhari anymore; that is one of his weak points. He is one of the most inaccessible Presidents in the history of this country. Without his cabal, we don’t get to see him—except for his ministers who see him during the Federal Executive Council meetings. He does not come out, so you can’t see him,” Kokori added.


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The activist, who led the Nigeria Union Of Petroleum And Natural Gas Workers during the days of military dictatorship, said whenever he tried to see Buhari, an appointment would be fixed but they would not allow him to see the President.


He stated that he would instead be referred to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation.


“I’ve never seen a man like that. I have seen every Nigerian president I have wanted to see since I was a young man in NUPENG. Even after I left NUPENG, I could see any president I wanted to see. But I can’t see Buhari up till today, apart from when people were campaigning for him in Delta State, he would come to meet us and we would take him around. After that, he would forget everybody,” said Kokori.


The APC chieftain said the President was surrounded by people who were not giving him good advice, adding that the cabal was more powerful than Osinbajo who is the second most senior member of the federal executive.


“And they have sidelined the Vice President who has brains but cannot use his powers. He has no powers. Even he can only have powers when the President gives him powers. It’s the cabal that runs the country; the cabal is more powerful than the Vice President. In other words, it is a situation where the Chief of Staff is more powerful than the Vice President and the SSG. Once you are in the cabal, you are more powerful than the Vice President and it’s a shame,” said Kokori.


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