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Oshodi Apapa Express Road Constructions 



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Oshodi Apapa Express Road Constructions. 

NewsReport Nigeria February 23, 2021


The conclusion of the Oshodi Apapa express way from Toyota Oshodi to Nepa bus/stop Cele, Oshodi Apapa Express way Lagos.


The road constructors have now started working on the service lane whereby motorist are not allowed to apply the road rather than to make use of an alternative route.


The ongoing road Constructions work id going on at 5 star to Iyana lsolo as make motorist not to make use of the road that leads  to 7/8 bus/stop airport road the alternative route they now make use of is daleko bridge Iyana Isolo to their perspectives destinations.


Traffic on this area with the trailers that supplies rice at daleko with the bad road makes the traffic on that route difficult to apply.


Ilasamaja service lane route was another terrible road that motorist, tricycles andd bikes find it difficult to use is now presently under constructions.

As it is the route from Ilasamaja service lane straight to Iyana iter road with time will be ready for service.


Iyana Itere road is another terrible area that damages cars with the terrible port holes on the road from Iyana Itere to cele bus stop work is going on around the route.


With the completion of the major express road it reduced traffic but some vehicles applies one way from Cele bus/stop to mile 2 because of the trailers that took advantages of the route to mile 2.


Mile 2 is another terrible area now which is very risky for motorist following one way to destinations.


Toyota’s bridge still remain close due to the fire disaster that happened at toyota bus stop, this still render the bridge closed permanently that’s why to access airport road, as to be from another route which is the same Iyana Isolo.

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