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NCC Announces 90% Service Recovery Post Undersea Cable Cuts



NCC Announces 90% Service Recovery Post-Undersea Cable Cuts
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NCC Announces 90% Service Recovery Post-Undersea Cable Cuts




Following the disruption caused by undersea cable cuts along the coasts of Cote d’Ivoire and Senegal, the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) announced significant progress in restoring telecommunications services. With telecom operators successfully recovering up to 90% of voice and data services, the NCC’s efforts have been instrumental in mitigating the impact of the cable cuts on essential services.



The NCC’s Director of Public Affairs, Reuben Muoka, conveyed this positive update in a statement released on Monday. The statement highlighted that affected operators have leveraged alternative submarine cables to restore approximately 90% of their peak utilization capacities, ensuring the resumption of critical communication services.



Acknowledging the widespread implications of the undersea cable disruptions on various sectors, including telecom, banking, and corporate businesses, the NCC emphasized the collaborative efforts of mobile network operators in swiftly addressing the challenges. By activating alternative connectivities and optimizing existing resources, operators have managed to stabilize data and voice services, offering reassurance to consumers and businesses alike.



Furthermore, the intervention of the West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) has been instrumental in bolstering connectivity across the affected regions. Unaffected by the cable cuts, WIOCC has spearheaded efforts to alleviate the strain on subsea systems such as WACS, ACE, Main One, and SAT3 along Africa’s western seaboard. Chris Wood, the group CEO of WIOCC, underscored the company’s proactive response to the crisis, highlighting the deployment of additional capacity to support network operators and hyperscalers.



Through strategic partnerships and operational agility, WIOCC has swiftly addressed the capacity needs of operators in Nigeria and other West African countries, ensuring minimal disruptions to internet services. Leveraging its resilient core backbone and direct connectivity at Open Access Data Centers (OADC) in key locations like Lagos, WIOCC has established a robust digital ecosystem hub. This infrastructure has played a pivotal role in restoring services to affected facilities and operators, underscoring the importance of redundancy and scalability in maintaining seamless connectivity.



In conclusion, the concerted efforts of regulatory bodies like the NCC and industry players such as the WIOCC have been pivotal in navigating the challenges posed by undersea cable cuts. The resilience and adaptability demonstrated during this crisis underscore the importance of proactive measures and collaborative initiatives in safeguarding critical communication infrastructure. As services continue to be restored and connectivity strengthened, stakeholders across the telecommunications landscape remain committed to ensuring uninterrupted access to essential services for consumers and businesses alike.

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