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Man Jailed 10 Years in lmprisonment after Wedding



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Man Jailed 10 Years in lmprisonment after Wedding

NewsReport Nigeria February 18 2021


It was a big wedding which the plan as been for a long time but after the wedding, he was not able to enjoy what he spend big money for.

NewsReport Nigeria gathered that a man from the East which is name was not disclosed was jailed after his wedding, an eyewitness said the man promise her girlfriend that he will come back for her that he needs to make money.

According to the Bride he said since when he was in the village he promises the 26 year old pretty lady that  he will do anything to marry her, which he did, the marriage was planned within 3 days when he arrived home to his home town.

An eyewitness said all that was asked for from the grooms family was provided without negotiation from the families, the bride’s mother enjoyed what she had never enjoyed in her life, the bride’s mother change the name of the groom to king when he saw how lavishly he was spending money.

Am eye witness who was related to the groom said, I wondered were and how he suddenly make big money like this but to my surprise he said he said he want to go back to Lagos to get a job, I expected him to say he wants to resume is business but he said he wanted to go and search for work before he was arrested.

The groom works in an Indian man company as a cleaner, while he was cleaning he saw the money bag and ran away with it.

The case was reported to police station with proof of evidence, which was the CCTV footages.

He came back to the same area but not the company he stole from to search for Job before he was arrested.

The judge asked him to refund the money which he was not able to do so, he was sentenced 10 Years imprisonment with hard labour.

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