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Lucky Aiyedatiwa Takes Oath as Substantive Governor of Ondo State



Lucky Aiyedatiwa Takes Oath as Substantive Governor of Ondo State
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Lucky Aiyedatiwa Takes Oath as Substantive Governor of Ondo State


In a significant turn of events, Lucky Aiyedatiwa has been sworn in as the substantive governor of Ondo State. This inauguration, held at the Ondo State House in Akure on Wednesday, marks a new chapter for the state following the unfortunate demise of former Governor Rotimi Akeredolu earlier today. With determination and commitment to public service, Aiyedatiwa assumes his role as the official governor, ready to lead and serve the people of Ondo State.


The passing of Rotimi Akeredolu:
Rotimi Akeredolu, aged 67, had been battling health issues for some time before finally passing away on December 27th, 2023. While initial reports suggested his death resulted from leukemia in Lagos State, a statement issued by Mrs. Bamidele Ademola-Olateju clarified that he died in Germany due to complications arising from prostate cancer.


Aiyedatiwa’s Political Journey:
Lucky Aiyedatiwa had previously served as Deputy Governor until December 13th, when power was formally transferred to him after Rotimi Akeredolu embarked on another medical vacation. Despite facing an impeachment plot by allies of his late principal in the Ondo State House of Assembly and opposition from his foot soldiers, he emerged victorious and assumed leadership.


Controversy surrounding power transfer:
The political landscape in Ondo State witnessed controversy over recent months as activists and constitutional lawyers urged Rotimi Akeredolu to transmit power to Lucky Aiyedatiwa in accordance with the provisions outlined by Nigeria’s constitution. However, with Wednesday’s oath-taking ceremony, Lucky Aiyedatiwa has now officially taken up his responsibilities as governor.


The Promising Future Under Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa:
As Governor Lucky AIyedaTiwA steps into his new role, the people of Ondo State can anticipate a promising future. With his experience as acting governor and deputy governor, Aiyedatiwa is well-acquainted with the challenges facing the state and possesses a deep understanding of its needs.


The Constitution as His Guide:
Taking the oath of office, Governor Lucky Aiyedatiwa committed to upholding the Nigerian constitution and fulfilling his statutory duties as governor. This pledge demonstrates his dedication to serving the people and ensuring that Ondo State continues on its path towards progress and development.


The appointment of Lucky Aiyedatiwa as substantive governor of Ondo State brings hope for a brighter future in challenging times. With determination, integrity, and an unwavering commitment to public service, he has assumed this responsibility at a critical juncture. As we move forward, let us rally behind our new governor and work together towards building a prosperous Ondo State for all its citizens.

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