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Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu Crashes After DNA Shows He Didn’t Father Two Children 

Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu Crashes After DNA Shows He Didn’t Father Two Children 



Wema Bank Alat

Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu Crashes After DNA Shows He Didn’t Father Two Children 




NewsReport gathered that Universal Forensics Corporation’s paternity test revealed that the broadcaster had a 0.00% chance of being the biological father of the children.



Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu, a Calabar OAP is known as Fada Kane, discovered after 20 years that he did not father his two children.


Fada Kane, a staff member of FAD93.1 FM Calabar, took to social media on Friday morning to publish the DNA results of his two children with his former lover, Maryann Efa Duke.


The paternity test conducted by Universal Forensics Corporation showed that the broadcaster had 0.00 per cent chance of being the biological father to the children.


“This is to inform the general public that I, Kanedrick Kingsley Agwu popularly known as Fada Kane is not the biological father of Anthonia Duke and Paul Duke as alleged by one Miss MarryAnn Efa Duke,” the OAP wrote on his facebook wall.


“Attached here are the copies of DNA and court affidavit to further ascertain my claims. MaryAnn Efa and her family are free to contest the DNA results through the court where I too can legally file for damages for such allegations.”


Prior to his outburst on Friday, Fada Kane last week explained that he became a father at the age of 16 years which marked the beginning of his woes. He said he was thrown out of his parents’ house and became an object of ridicule among family and friends.

“As soon as my mum heard “I am pregnant for your son”…wahala set. I was just 16! At 17, I was already an alleged father of 2 and that was the beginning of this movie. I was thrown out from the house, pained and shamed by families and friends,” the broadcaster explained on Facebook.

Claiming his children had constantly labelled him a “useless father” over the years, the broadcaster expressed relief that he had finally being vindicated by the DNA result.

“They made me guilty even when I was innocent, I could remember the day one kid boomed on me, dragged me on my shirt with my name constantly on their lips calling a useless father. Now you want me to suck it in. For 20 years and some more years!” wrote a disappointed Fada Kane.

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