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Just In: Monsoon Storm Hits 27 Dead 4 Wounded in Indian Lightning Strike.



Wema Bank Alat

Heavy thunder strikes over Guwahati, the capital city of India’s northeastern state of Assam

Just In: Monsoon Storm Hits 27 Dead 4 Wounded in Indian Lightning Strike.


NewsReport June 8, 2021



Blitz attacks killed 27 persons, and following serious turbulence in monsoon rains in eastern Indian four passengers were taken to a hospital on Tuesday, officials said.


NewsReport gathered that the annual monsoon in India is quite widespread during the lightning strikes of June-September.


Officials said West Bengal was struck by late Monday thunderstorms with multiple lightning strikes.


“Many of the 27 murdered on Monday evening… farmers and field workers in the state,” Javed Ahmed Khan, Minister of West Bengal Disaster Management, told AFP.


With four sent to the hospital, eight passengers were hurt.


“There is still one passenger allowed in the hospital. The others were released, “Director C Pattabhi said to AFP of the airport.


“For the passengers, it was a close shave.”


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced that the relatives of victims and those injured will receive cash compensation.


According to the National Crime Records Bureau – the latest data available – about 2.900 individuals were killed by lightning in India in 2019.


Monsoon is vital for the supply of water in South Asia, but every year it causes significant death and disaster throughout the whole region.


In the storm as it was going to land, officials claimed, a flight was fled from the western city of Mumbai to Kolkata in the capital of West Bengal.


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