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For Having Sex with a 17-year-old Student, a Female Teacher has been Charged.

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For Having Sex with a 17-year-old Student, a Female Teacher has been Charged.


News Report June 2, 2021


Former English teacher faces charges after confessing to having sex with her 17-year-old pupil, who claims he was ‘in love with him and is angry at the person who ‘snitched’ on them.


NewsReport gathered that after admitting to having a sexual relationship with a 17-year-old student she previously taught at a Wisconsin high school, a former English teacher faces up to 12 years in jail.



This online information understands that Abby Dibbs, 35-years-old was charged with sexual assault after confessing to having sex with her pupil twice last weekend at her house.


The 17-year-old told officers he was ‘in love with Dibbs and was angry with the person who snitched on their involvement, according to the criminal complaint.


Dibbs had indicated she and the student had talked about how they felt about each other and how there were limits they couldn’t cross, according to Portage PD Sgt. Max Jenatscheck. ‘Dibbs admitted that these lines were then crossed,’ he continued.


According to court filings, the teen’s mother expressed gratitude to the person who reported the illicit relationship for doing the right thing.


Dibbs was freed on a $3,500 bond with terms prohibiting her from having contact with a 17-year-old boy, stating no unsupervised interaction with other children other than her own, and prohibiting her from attending Portage High School.

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